GSI Web Service - Citation

The analyses performed by the GSI web service hosted at molecularevolution.org use GSI version 0.92 (Genealogical Sorting Index; Cummings, Neel, and Shaw 2008) and grid computing through The Lattice Project (Bazinet and Cummings 2008).

Bazinet, A. L., and M. P. Cummings. 2008. The Lattice Project: a grid research and production environment combining multiple grid computing models. Pages 2-13. In Weber, M. H. W. (Ed.) Distributed & Grid Computing - Science Made Transparent for Everyone. Principles, Applications and Supporting Communities. Rechenkraft.net, Marburg.

Cummings, M. P., M. C. Neel and K. Shaw. 2008. A genealogical approach to quantifying lineage divergence. Evolution 62:2411-2422.