The GenoViz project includes several components:

  • GenoViz SDK (software development kit) is a library of re-usable components for genomics data visualization.
  • Genometry is a unified data model to represent relationships between biological sequences. It is mainly used in the Integrated Genome Browser.
  • The Integrated Genome Browser (IGB, pronounced "ig-bee") is a desktop application that uses both the GenoViz SDK and Genometry. It supports visualization and exploration of genes, genomes, and genome-scale data sets, especially data from genome tiling arrays. IGB can display data from multiple data sources, including DAS (Distributed Annotation System) servers and local files on your file system.
  • The GenoViz DAS/2 server allows distribution of genomic data using the DAS/2 protocol. (DAS/2 efficiently shares massive genomic datasets derived from next generation sequencing and high density microarray experiments using both binary and text data formats.)
  • GenoPub is a rich-client Flex web database application (and extension of the DAS/2 server) for organizing and annotating data hosted by the DAS/2 server.
  • GenoPub implements a user-group security model enabling the controlled distribution of public and private datasets.
  • ProtAnnot is used to visualize alternative splicing and its effects on proteins.

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